“I request every faithful Muslim to realize that he is follower of a Prophet who is known as RAHMATULLILALAMIN. He is a messenger of peace and he must protect people from misery and mischief and try to spread waves of faith and peace everywhere”, says TAYYAB BHAI (ex.RAMVEER)


A: My full name is Ram Veer and I am son of Ajab Singh, resident of village Kakra district Muzzafar Nagar. We were seven brothers and sisters but two have died. I passed my high school examination from Rashtraya Inter College Shahpur. My father is a gentle and hardworking farmer and belongs to a Hindu Jat religious family.


A: It was just by chance because I did not have any intention of becoming a Muslim. Actually I was leading a spoiled life after leaving my studies and divorcing my wife. I always roamed in jungles, teased people and grew a drug addict. I joined a band of robbers and used to rob cattle suppliers and travelers. My family members and mohalla residents were fed up with me. The family people asked me to leave the house.

But I refused to do so and decided to take up farming with the help of a tube well. I got the old tube well owned by my Ansari neighbour repaired and put it in operation by borrowing motor and fan and getting an unauthorized electric connection. But despite my best efforts and employing tractor the tube well did not supply water. I approached a pundit who asked me to make some offerings on tube well to please the gods. I had nothing with me to offer.

I thought that gods would be pleased by offering Bhang. I offered crushed Bhang to the tube well but could not get any water. One night my neighbour Ansari the owner of tube well was lying with me near the tube well. He said “If water comes in tube well I shall offer two rakats of prayer”. Hearing this I said ‘Then I will offer 4 rakats of prayer”. On that night electric current came at 12:45pm.

I asked my neighbour, Yasin Ansari to join the connection. But Ansari asked me to do so because he was afraid of touching electricity. As soon as I put the connection on, water gushed from the tube well at high speed. Though clay was completely dry, very soon the velocity of water made a 1½ meter deep pit on the road. In the morning the residents of the locality saw the tube well working. They asked me to get an authorized light connection before using it.

After closing the tube well Yaseen Ansari told me to fulfill the promise to offer prayers. He warned me that in case of default the tube well would go out of order again. I agreed and followed him towards the village mosque. Ansari made wudhu at the tube well and asked me to become Muslim first and promised to get me an authorized electric connection. I told him that Muslims did not like me and they would not tolerate me. Ansari Saheb replied that after your Islam this would not happens and even if Muslims did not accommodate you here, Allah would admit you in paradise.

Then I asked him to take me to a Madarsa at Harsauli. There I met Maulvi Anis Saheb who told me to go to Muzaffar Nagar or to Phulat and see Maulana Kaleem Saheb. I went to home and after informing my mother and taking some money reached Phulat. There I met Maulana Saheb and told my plight. He asked me to recite Kalma and lead a peaceful life. He took promise from me to abandon drugs and to leave all bad habits. He said to me “You belong to brave clan of Chaudhris and you will certainly honour your pledge”.

I promised Maulana to lead life free of alcohol and other vices. People told me a number of cases where addicts and criminals changed themselves altogether after acting upon the advice of Maulana Saheb I went with a Jamaat for 40 days. When I returned Maulana Saheb asked my future programme and suggested me to teach children at Sonipat. After one year I was married to a religious educated Muslim lady of Sakauti. I was very happy to see change in myself and thanked Maulana Saheb for reforming me. My mother also came and was very happy to see my wife. My wife served my parents well.

My father told the Maulana Saheb that panchayat of my village declared me an outcaste or Adharmi and asked my father to take stern action against me. But my father refused bluntly and told them that conversion was not a crime and that I as a free citizen could choose any faith. He further warned then that in case of further pressure and show of displeasure he would also become a Muslim and leave the village. He also threatened to report the matter to high police officials. Now I am well settled in Sonipat and along with my wife am teaching children. Women and residents of my mohalla and Madarsa love and respect me for my religious zeal and good way of life. This is all due to blessings of Allah.


A: Ahmed Bhai, at the time of recitation of Kalma Maulana Saheb explained to me that Islam was a religion of peace and it expects every Muslim to work for peace and tranquility. In reply to my queries about terrorism and other conflicts and disputes hovering over the world the Maulana Saheb convinced me that false propaganda was made against Muslims and Islam. But Islam is still flourishing because Allah does not like breach of peace and conflicts. He told me that aggressive American soldiers who committed a number of atrocities in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries are embracing ISLAM. I personally feel the advantages of my Conversion. Now, people love and trust me and seek my counsel. I have not come across with any problem and an enjoying the blessings of Allah in my life.


A: My mother is inclined towards Islam but due to family pressure she has not declared it openly. One of my brothers and a nephew has become Muslim. I hope a number of my friends would soon embrace Islam. I pray for the guidance and IMAN of all relatives. Q: Do you want to give some message through ARMUGHAN? A: I want to say that Islam stands for peace. All Muslims should offer prayers and extend Dawah to non Muslims. For world peace, establishment and expansion of Islam it is essential. It is unfortunate that Muslims are being harassed through false cases. A Muslim can never be terrorist or a tyrant. We should devote ourselves to Tabligh. Was-Salam. Thanks [interviewed by : AHMED AWWAH NADVI]

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