Dr.Muhammad Huzaifa – (Ram Kumar)


A: I was born on 13th August 1957, in A Zamindaar family in a village in district Basti of eastern Uttar Pradesh. My uncle was a Deputy Superintendent of Police in U.P. At his instance I also joined U.P Police and worked as inspector in 55 Thanas of the state. I passed B.Com and M.A. Exams during service and was promoted as C.O. In 1997 I went for training and then took Ph.D. in Criminology. On account of good performance I was promoted to the post of D.S.P. and then posted in C.I.D. at Muzaffar Nagar. My younger brother is an engineer and my sister is married with a lecturer. These days I am officer in Charge C.I.D. in Eastern U.P. My Family consists of educated people.


A: My family despite being fairly educated has been notorious for being anti-muslim and bigot. One of the reasons is that about 100 years ago a branch of our family was converted to Islam and settled in Fathepur, Hanswa and Pratapgarh. They were devoted Muslims. Then about 30 years ago, 8 Dalit families of our native place, after being fed up with tyranny and injustice of high caste Hindu Zamidars embraced ISLAM. Due to these two instances our family became enemy of Muslims and their sentiments flared up further during the destruction of Babri Masjid and communal riots. Some Young men of our family setup a branch of Bajrang Dal in our village; thus the whole atmosphere was filled with anti Islam and anti Muslim feelings of the highest order before my eyes.

But the Compassionate and Omnipotent displayed His might in a peculiar manner. A family consisting of 9 members in Pilkhuwa district, Ghaziabad embraced Islam at Phulat at the instance of Maulana Kaleem Saheb. There were two couples with four daughters and three sons. All of them recited Kalma and Maulana Saheb gave them new Islamic names and issued a certificate containing their affidavits, names and date of conversion. He told that this legal formality was necessary and sent a copy of this certificate to the district Magistrate Ghaziabad and also issued a press release for newspapers.

Those people readily completed all these formalities. Children were admitted in a Madarsa and girls went to attend ladies meetings of Ijtima. The Muslim women celebrated it by distribution of sweets. This news reached their non Muslim daughter in law who informed his parents and village people. The whole area became tense and local Hindu organizations came into action. News was published in Dainik Jagiran and Amarujala with a highly inflammatory heading “Conversion of Hindu family by temptation at Phulat Madarsa. Waves of anger among Hindu population”, the incident was telecast at many channels and the whole area became tense.

At that time I was posted at Muzaffar Nagar. I was also enraged to hear it and reached Phulat along with two sub-inspectors. Maulana Saheb was away and the local people showed their ignorance about his where about. However, they asked me to meet the Maulana for getting the truth. I left my phone number and asked them to inform me about Maulana’s arrival. On the third day Maulana came to Phulat and we went there to meet him. The Maulana welcomed us and entertained us by offering tea and snacks. Then he said ‘I am happy that you have come to verify the facts.

Very wrong propaganda is made against Madarsas and Maulvis. False accusations are made against them. I always ask my colleagues and Madarsas in-charge to take police and Hindu organization in their confidence and invite them to spend some time with them and remove their misunderstandings”. Then he asked the purpose of my visit. The confident and cool way of talks of Maulana cooled down my temper. I showed the newspapers heading to Maulana Saheb and asked for his reaction and comments. He said ‘I have read the news. The fact is that on that particular day I was going on a trip and was about to board my car.

A jeep came and the occupants expressed their desire to embrace Islam. I got down and after talking to them I taught them to recite Kalma, gave them their new names along with a certificate of their acceptance of Islam. I told them to send this information along with an affidavit to the District Magistrate Ghaziabad and also to give a statement in the papers about their embracing Islam as required by law. You know ours is a secular country and our constitution has given us a fundamental right to profess and practice any religion of our choice. It also permits us to preach or invite others to come to our fold.

We do not do any unlawful act and do not use any temptation or force on those who want to become Muslims, because I am of the view that it is quite wrong and illegal way. Change of faith is a matter of one’s free will and cannot be done under duress or to please anyone. The second important point I want to make is that we are Muslims. We worship Allah who is creator of whole universe and believe and respect Him. His last messenger Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) always spoke truth and taught us lessons of brotherhood, humanity and love.

Probably Hinduism also believes in these principles.” I endorsed his views. Then he continued to assert equality and fraternity of all human beings and stated that members of every faith should invite others to join their faith provided they themselves regarded it vital for their salvation. He said “I as a Muslim believe that Islam is the only perfect religion. If you depart from this world without accepting it you would have to suffer torments of Hell fire. So you should not bother about those residents of Pilkuwa and look towards yourself. I request all three of you to turn Muslim and as stated by me worship true Lord and love His apostle.”

I was surprised as well as felt attracted towards the affectionate words of Maulana Saheb. I had gone there to conduct enquiry against him and his Madarsa. But I was infatuated to hear his fascinating speech based on truth. It touched my conscience and I told Maulana that I wanted some time to think over what he has said to me. Maulana Saheb urged me to take a quick decision. He again stated ‘If you think that Hindu religion would bring solace and Mukti to me, you should preach your Dharma to me. Otherwise please accept my proposal and become a Muslim”.

I was impressed by the self confidence shown by Maulana and realized that our Hindu Dharam was nothing but a jumble of some mythological legends and secondary customs and rites which had no foundation. How could I peach it to Maulana Saheb? My conscience said to me ‘Ram Kumar, truth lies in Islam.’ In the meantime, Maulana Saheb continued to urge us to become Muslims and recite Kalma. It appeared that an affectionate well wisher was trying to save us from disaster or destruction. We assured Maulana Saheb that we would consider his proposal and requested him to give us some literature to read.

He gave us a book written by him entitled ‘Aap Ki Amanat Aap Ke Seva Men” and asked us to recite YA HADI, YA RAHEEM with devotion and make prayer for getting right direction. I requested him to send contradiction of the news in papers in order to lessen the tension in the area. Maulana Saheb replied ‘I have made them to recite Kalma as per their legal and religious rights. You should expose the falsehood and control the situation”. While returning from Phulat my both sub-inspectors praised the truthfulness and clarity of Maulana and his courage.


A: I went through his book and was very much impressed by the truthful tone and nature of the book and I wanted to meet Maulana again. I got a copy of Hindi Quran and on phone asked Maulana’s permission to read it. He advised to me to read it only after taking bath and follow it for at least two weeks and pray to God to help me understand it. I completed the whole Quran in two weeks and then went to Phulat and recited Kalma before Maulana Saheb. He changed my name from Ram Kumar to Huzaifa (name of a companion of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) who was sent by him on secret missions.)


A: As advised by Maulana I went with a Jamaat for 40 days on Dawah work. He had told me not to tell anybody about my conversion. I spent good time in Jamaat. People helped me in learning Namaz and Quran. I benefitted after returning from Jamaat. I was transferred to Allahabad. There I told everything to my wife. She being a simple and obedient lady did not oppose my decision and promised to live with me in all situations. I gave her books on Islam and tempted her to become a Muslim so that Allah may bless her with a child. She always remained grief stricken because after 10 years of marriage we had no child. She agreed to become a Muslim. I took her to a Madarsa where she recited Kalma and then both of us prayed to Allah for a child. Next year i.e after eleven years of marriage a son was born to us and after three years we were blessed by a daughter also.


A: I announced my conversion at Allahabad and completed its legal formalities through a lawyer. Before that I applied for getting its permission to my department through Mr. Diwedi who was my immediate boss. He sternly asked me to reverse my decision otherwise he threatened to suspend me. But I remained firm and did not change my decision. Accordingly, he got me suspended. I went to Bangalore and Madras with a Jamaat and spent my time nicely. I saw Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) thrice in my dreams and was overjoyed. On return I met a Muslim officer who was holding an important post. He had visited Phulat and knew Maulana Saheb. He took up my case and got me reinstated.


A: One of them embraced Islam and had to face a number of domestic difficulties. His wife left him but he remained firm and Allah solved his other problems. The second sub inspector is eventually prepared to join Islamic fold but is hesitating after seeing the plight of his comrade.


A: Yes but it will take time. Now I have to go and catch a train.

Interviewed by : Ahmad Awwah Nadwi

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