The best gift that one can give to himself and to others is the PRESENT

It would be impossible for us to continue living in this world if each of us knew exactly what fate had in store for him or her. So God in His mercy conceals the future from all

His creatures, and reveals only the present. He hides from the animals what men know, and He hides from men what the angels know. For example if a lamb had reason like a man, it could not gambol happily, knowing it was destined to be killed for human food. But, being quite ignorant of its fate, it is happy to the last minute of its short life contentedly grazing in the flowery meadow, and even in its innocence licks the hand of the butcher who is about to slaughter it. What a blessing it is that we are ignorant of the future. God, to Whom the death of a sparrow is of equal importance with the death of a hero, has in His mercy thus limited our knowledge so that we might fulfill our duty in the sphere to which He has appointed us. Apart from man no one else breaks the Divine Law with its consequences and to Him whether willingly or unwillingly is our return.

(Contributed by Md. Rafi Bakal, Hyderpora)

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