He (pbuh) usually rested on his left arm. While deeply thinking he (pbuh) was found digging the earth with some stick. When sleeping he (pbuh) lay on the right side and put the palm of his right hand under his cheek. Sometime he (pbuh) also slept on his back, sometime putting one leg over the other but always careful to see that no part of his body was uncovered.

He (pbuh) very much disliked lying with the face downward and forbade others also to do so. He (pbuh) did not like sleeping in a dark room or an open roof without parapets. He (pbuh) performed ablutions before retiring to bed and recited prayers till he fell asleep. He (pbuh) snored softly in sleep.

When he (pbuh) woke up in the night for easing himself or passing urine he (pbuh) generally washed his hands and face on return. A separate long cloth was kept for using at bed time when he (pbuh) usually removed his shirt.

Since there were no latrines in the houses those days the Prophet (pbuh) used to go out up to two miles out of the city so as to be completely out of sight and he (pbuh) selected soft earth to avoid water spilling over the body. He (pbuh) also took care to take the cover of some rock or raised ground.

He (pbuh) always took his bath behind a curtain or used a long cloth when bathing in a shower of rain. When sneezing he always put some cloth to his nose. He (pbuh) usually liked to begin his journey on Thursday and herd his conveyance at a fast speed.

While taking rest during the journey he (pbuh) would start afresh the next stage early in the morning and while camping he (pbuh) worked with others on different chores.

On one occasion when his fellow travelers divided the work of various items of cooking the Prophet (pbuh) took upon himself the task of collecting wood for fuel and in spite of others desiring to spare him he (pbuh) insisted on doing it and did it cheerfully. He (pbuh) always took some pedestrian fellow-traveller on his conveyance.

When he (pbuh) returned from a journey he (pbuh) first prayed in the mosque and when the household was informed he went in without any fuss.

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