Factors in the decline of Muslim Ummah

For a moment shut your eyes and for Allah’s sake try to question yourself where do we all stand and what is our contribution?, suggests Sheikh Sajjad

Recently a friend of mine asked me that inspite of this assurance from the Quran that Muslim Ummah/Nation (Ahl-Iman)  will remain Honoured, Respected, Reputed in the world, then why now a days the muslims are helpless, constrained and oppressed everywhere.

The fact is that if this assurance/promise of Almighty Allah to give respect/honour was for those muslims who are just muslims by birth/name who don’t follow the sayings of Allah then we had been right to say such things that where is the respect,honour about which Almighty Allah has promised.

“Wa Lil Lahi Izzati Wa Lil Rasooli Wa Lil Mumineen” i.e: victory/honour is only for Allah and His Rasool and mumineen(Faithful).

If this promise of Almighty Allah would have been only for those muslims who are only muslims by name then dishonour and disrespect of muslims would have certainly surprised us. But the truth is not like this. The truth is neither Allah has changed this promise nor the

Holy Quran has been changed. Infact Almighty Allah has very first day warned that:-

Verily! Allah will not change the (good) condition of people as long as they do not change their state (of goodness) themselves.       Sura Ar-Ra’d 11

Now after this clear warning if Almighty Allah would not have dishonored the so called muslims then it was/had been surprising.

Now among the various factors due to which muslims are suffering that has caused the decline we will just discuss four very important factors.

Ignorance (Jehalat): First factor is the ignorance/illiteracy towards religion (including all affairs political ,social etc). The people (ignorant) who can’t differentiate in-between what is right and wrong are always ready to accept every kind of absurdity and when not in a position of having the solution to the queries always become the target of rivals deception & seduction.

Half knowledge/Lack of proper knowledge: Second factor is the lack of proper knowledge or half knowledge. This cause is more worse than Ignorance because fully learned/proper knowledgeable person have the oversight of every aspect and the masses (people) can easily get satisfied with the true knowledgeable person but on the other hand a half learned person or a person having lack of proper knowledge tries to make the people accept any thing through his false logic and even don’t want to accept any true thing which they don’t understand or don’t know or is against their logic. A full ignorant person is better than half ignorant, as the saying goes half knowledgeable person is threat to the life. (Neem hakim khatrai jaan)

Decline of Morals/Ethics: The third factor is the decline or demise of the morals/ethics. We have put aside the saying in the Quran regarding good morals which our ancestors had followed thus touched the great heights. This fact is not hidden that as compared to other things morals & ethics play a greater role in the rise and decline in the nations. Its presence in every nation is very important.

A poet Shauki says: “Nature remains alive until in them remains the morals/ethics alive and if the morals/ethics degradation starts their existence also starts deteriorating.”

I recall a moment back in early 90′s. I had to visit SKIMS to see a relative admitted there. Outside the operation theatre there was a lady who had to undergo some kind of surgery, while wearing the prescribed hospital suit   suddenly the head scarf she was having fell off from her head. She became so terrified that she hid herself in a corner and covered her face & head with her arms & hands. She didn’t want to be with out the head scarf. I got very much impressed. Now a day what is the situation and what have done started the co-education in the colleges (Islamia college, SP college etc.) isn’t is a step towards moral degradation. That is why the President of France has said Purda is not a part of Islam. Disgusting.

4) Decline of Leaders and Learned men/Theologians:  Among the main factors of muslim decline is the weakness of their leaders and theologians/learned ones .Their thinking is that they are born to be served by the common people and whatever they desire they can do & say. They also think infact believe that whatever they do is always right. And this belief is so deep in them that if anyone shows them right path they will not accept it. They even try to silence that person. World is filled with such examples. The right way was that if any leader tried to take any step wrong, the learned persons/theologians should tell him/her about wrong & right. That was the procedure earlier in the period of Khilafat time. Now days the so called learned persons/theologians only say and do such things through which they get so benefit. (Worldly benefit).

Since previously learned persons and theologians/ priests has the work same as todays parliaments. They used to keep an eye on the leaders (Kings) and also on the common people. When ever any kind of injustice was done on the people they used to raise their voice to warn the govt. (King) and like this way the people and govt always remained prosperous. The logic behind this correctness was the piousness of their learned persons/ Theologians, unconcerned about the worldly wealth .They didn’t bothered what the king will feel with their right sayings they just always dared to tell the truth and also always followed the right path

As soon as the learned persons/priests /Theologians became materialistic, chasing the world, the decline of Muslim nations started. Common people fall prey to their physical appearances, their sweet talks. Due to this behavior the tyrant leaders come into existence to which ethics, kindness, justice etc are the extinct words. And whenever the common people raise the voice to any injustice no heed is paid to them or are just given hollow promises which are forgotten as the time passes.

Recently there had been some debates regarding the shutdowns whether it is suited/allowed or not. After two and a half decade of this turmoil we start this debate. It is same as when the Tartars were at the gates of Baghdad to destroy everything and everyone, the Ulimas (learned persons)  were busy in discussing whether crow is halal or haram in Islam…Disgusting !!!!the same thing we are doing. Dignity is at stake, honour is at stake, freedom is nowhere and what are we upto???

And this will keep going until and unless we on the whole truly start following the word of Almighty Allah (THE HOLY QURAN) and the sayings of Prophet (SAAW).

Lastly here is an example of our behaviour and materialistic nature. Previously in Palestine when the war broke out between the Arabs and the Jews, many persons died and got injured in that war. For the injured Jews, the Jewish community worldwide started collecting funds among themselves to help the injured ones and they collected around 10 lac pounds for the injured (Jews). The muslims also started collecting the money for the injured muslims of Palestine. Do you know what was the fund collected just 13 Thousand pounds. Disgusting!!!

For a moment shut your eyes and for Allah’s sake try to question yourself where do we all stand and what is our contribution. Isn’t same thing still happening (e.g. Shopian, Bomai etc.)

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