Dimensional Analysis of Factors for Integration of Ummah – V

Islam provides a rational and logical manifesto for universal brother hood, global peace and security. Islam stands for providing solutions to any problem facing the mankind, but one has to have scholarly zeal to come up with a solution in the light of Quran and Sunnah, through Ijtihad.

It was during the time of the Holy prophet (SAW) that the motives for deriving the verdicts from Quran and Sunnah were encouraged. During the ‘Khilafat period’ many problems were solved by Ijtihad; the practice later on laid the foundation of four schools of Ijtihad viz Hanfai, Maliki, Shaf’i and Hambli in ahli-Sunnah.

Among Shia Muslims, “Imamia” is the well organized and foremost introduced school of Ijtihad. It is well equipped to take any problem and come up with a solution, in the light of Quran and Sunnah. It is high time for Ulema of Suni Muslims to establish a central authority for Ijtihad in systematized manner. Such that there must be a consensus upon a global body which could (centrally) be assigned the job for execution of the Fatwa (Decree), so as to check any division and dissent across the nations; otherwise a free hand is provided to the exploiters and enemies of Islam to fan any controversial decree when issued from different learning centres around the World. Be it from Alazhar, Madina, Deoband, Bareli, Malysia, Pakistan or any other place.

A global centre of Ijtihad is an urgent need of Ummah. There is every scope for coming closer among renowned Mujtahideen/Muftis of Suni School as the methodology of Ijtihad/Istimbat has resemblance and co-ordination. Even among Ahli-Hadees commonly a definite set of Ahkam-e-Fiqh is brought into practice as every body cannot derive Hukm (directly) from Quran and Hadees, especially in the present situation when new issues impart minute dimension. Some times a group of authorities on Tafaquh/Ijtihad deems fit to solve a complex issue, by shifting to adopt the verdict of another Imam, amongst the four schools. About three decades before a board of learned Mufties, in Jamiat-ul-Azhar (Egypt) had executed “Nikah Bil-Wakalat instead of “Bil-Asalat” which was prevailing there, when the situation had begun to go out of control as a result of co-education.
As regards socio-political issues of international magnitude, areas of understanding in fundamental beliefs, constant features of Islamic culture and morality, Dawah and defence of basic tenets and heritage, a co-ordination between Suni and Shia global centres of Ijtihad shall pave the way for integration of Ummah and global Islamic Imamat.

There is no denying of the fact that countless exercises of Muslim rulers to please Americans and British turned always futile. When they desired made Muslims (mostly) jockey as per their will and wish. One time favoured Jihad and the next day branded a resistance movement or demand of rights or freedom from occupation as what West loves to call as “Islamic terrorism”. It is no doubt or truth in it self to differentiate between “Jihad” and terrorism”, whatever suits Uncle Sam and his allies, names are coined accordingly.

When these imperialist powers want to remove any hurdle, e.g. a nation or a religion from the way of their aim and interest, they frame a law, take international bodies for a ride and attack them in the guise of that law.

Today by will or fear, the majority of Muslim rulers act in accordance with the wishes of America; while Britain supports and follows the master in a hope to share the bounties by looting the Muslim societies. Iran, where an Islamic government was established following 1979 Islamic revolution figures first in America hit list. Imam Khomeini, the leader of the revolution had labelled America as real centre of Axis of evil. The problem with them is that they don’t want to see Iran as a country following Islam. Some regimes which are in power in a few Muslim countries neither establish Islamic governments in their countries nor do they want to see Iran, emerging a strong Islamic state. If they do so, the export of Islamic revolution shall develop an impact for constituting Islamic governments in those countries, which means an end to monarchy.

Saudi Arabia, by virtue of being custodian of Haramain has very important position in the Islamic World and a centrally located geographical location. Establishment of an Islamic government through democratic means in that country could send signals of change in the Islamic World. In case the present Saudi rulers change their attitude, the people of that country, in general, would preferably elect them as their representatives in the new set up.

The annual global grand gathering of “Hajj” would prove to be the means of mutual understanding, sharing of knowledge and technology; an opportunity to strengthen commercial ties among business people from across Muslim lands, thereby providing chance and encouragement for Muslim investors for joint ventures. The re-orientation of arrangements among Muslim countries and re-defining the magnitude of co-operation by free travel and people to people contact would reinforce the gulf belt Muslim countries, as a strong established block to strengthen the necessity of close economic co-operation with China and India, the strongly growing economies of future. The emphasis would be laid upon sharing the scientific know how, particularly in health care, water management, agriculture productivity and information technology. The monopoly of possessing nuclear energy would come to an end; in real sense the energy would be utilized for welfare and development.

The alternative option for the Islamic World other wise, in absence of zeal and sense of co-operation as Ummah, is to compromise with west in every thing (rational cum material areas) or to live in illusion as down trodden and backward.

So, it is high time to organize a strong power bloc in East, so as to emerge and get established as an integrated Ummah and thus the American hegemony will be fought back. Let us come out of prejudice and not be be-fooled by enemies of Islam. Let us understand our role and play it, as it is urgently needed for the “Mustazafeen” of east and west. Unite we stand, divide we fall. No suspicion, No fear! No power on earth can crush us once we start taking concrete steps towards integration, towards Imamat of the World. [Concluded – AlHamdolillah]


[ Ed. Note : Author of more than 40 books, the writer of this series is a renowned scholar, poet, social worker and intellectual. For the last so many decades he has been very actively working for the unity of Ummah in troubled Kashmir. Comments about this series are invited from the worthy readers, which can be mailed at : monthlycrescent @ gmail.com – Editor]

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