Do No Mischief on Earth

As Muslims we have a moral responsibility

We are arguably living in the golden age of scientific research and advancements. This is the best time to be alive in Allah’s creation. This blue watery planet in which Allah has bestowed his favor on the sons of Adam is the Holy Grail of the known universe, for we know of no other planet favored by Allah to sustain divine life. However, the sons of Adam have arrogantly transgressed the balance set by Allah, the sons of Adam are changing the (Fitrah) natural disposition of our physical environment. In so doing, they are tampering with the very fabric of life, seriously endangering the health of our planet, and the well being of every living creature that call this place home. “So set thou thy face steadily and truly to the Faith: (establish) Allah’s handiwork according to the pattern which He has made mankind: no change (let there be) in the work (wrought) by Allah; that is the standard Religion, but most among mankind understands not.” (Qur’an 30:30)

Because of the pending threat from nuclear weapons, climate change and emerging technologies, The Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists has reset the Doomsday Clock to read five minutes before midnight. The scientific community has included global warming as a rising danger. There is an increasing body of evidence to support their finding: The ongoing buildup of human-related causes is the source of greenhouse gases, which include methane released from landfills and agriculture (especially from the digestive systems of grazing animals), nitrous oxide from fertilizers, gases used for refrigeration and industrial processes, and the loss of forests that would otherwise store CO2 and the burning of fossil fuels.

An Urdu proverbial poet states: “There is nothing useless in the world. In the workshop of nature nothing is bad.” Forthrightly speaking, there is a legitimate spiritual and biological justification for every living thing in our physical environment. The ant, the fly, the spiders, the moose, the mouse, scavengers roaming the depth of the oceans, those that scavenge about on land and birds of prey, they all serve to keep our environment clean from toxic waste and gases. “He Who has made everything which He has created most good.” (Qur’an 32:7)

Allah the Wise Master of All Systems of Knowledge recycles carbon from the atmosphere by the miracle of photosynthesis, a chemical action that makes oxygen the essential element for human survival. However, because of our abusive addiction for fossil fuel (coal, gas, and oil) we are returning carbon dioxide into the atmosphere 1,000 times faster than nature can properly dispose of it. Hydroxyl is an atmospheric chemistry that acts as a detergent that helps clear the atmosphere of many hazardous pollutants and some important greenhouse gases, but Hydroxyl does not clear carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This means the chemical agent of Hydroxyl will not help stem the tide of global warming. The statement of Allah has warned mankind: “Do no mischief on the earth, after it hath been set in order…” (Qur’an 7:56)


Warmer temperature means melting ice glaciers and rising sea levels. The Northern Hemisphere is experiencing twenty-five percent less winter than in years past. Scientists know with virtual certainty that the major greenhouse gases emitted by human activities remain in the atmosphere for periods ranging from decades to centuries. It is therefore, an established fact that atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases will continue to rise over the next few decades. What is certain is that with every cause there is an effect; not taking a proactive stand on what nature and the scientific community is telling us we may very well be approaching an irreversible tipping point, we may be the last generation to reverse this self-destructive nature of destroying our earthly paradise. Inaction is no longer an option.

The statement of Allah The Most High said: “Truly, We did offer Al-Amanah (the trust of moral responsibility or honesty and all the duties which Allah has ordained) to the heavens and the earth, and the mountains, but they declined to bear it and were afraid of it (i.e. afraid of Allah’s torment). But man bore it. Verily, he was unjust (to himself) and ignorant (of its results).” (Qur’an 33:72)

As Muslims we have a moral responsibility to join the fight in protecting our natural resources, our health, and future generations by spreading the awareness of the environmental challenges of global warming. The prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) has said, “Whoever of you sees an evil action, let him change it with his hand; and if he is not able to do so, then with his tongue; and if he is not able to so, then with his heart and that is the weakest of faith.”

By: I.G. Nissar

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