Dear Reader!

Assalam-o-Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu

Insha Allah this reaches you in the best of health and highest Imaan. We feel immense pleasure in introducing our English monthly – Crescent – the path-breaking unique Islamic journal – which is being brought out by the publishers of the Al-Hayat on the persistent demand of its esteemed readers mainly for our English-knowing young generation, who find it difficult to read Urdu books and journals.
Crescent will be carrying informative, thought-provoking and faith-strengthening contributions of indigenous as well as world-renowned Islamic scholars. The contents of the monthly will reveal our sustained effort to advance and serve the supreme cause of Islam and the Ummah and promote an understanding of our faith.

At Crescent, our endeavour will be to transform Islamic journalism in English language from its conventional ritualistic mode into a forceful spokesman of Islamic, spiritual and ethical values in public and private lives as has been our modest effort consistently for the last 07 years as publishers of Al-Hayat.

May Allah increase our bond of relationship in the noble cause of spreading the light of Islam by way of bringing out Al-Hayat and now Crescent.

May Allah guide all of us in the right path.


In a world of myriad religions and belief systems, misconceptions and concerns about other religions abound. Such misconceptions can be dangerous as they lead to hostility, and are one of the root causes of conflicts. Religious hostility can be greatly diminished, if not completely eliminated, if we make a sincere attempt to understand the “other”. The alarming level of religious hostility in the world, and its subsequent manipulation by political forces, has made interfaith dialogue the need of the hour. The most misunderstood faith that is practiced by over 1.5 billion in the world is Islam.

In an age when popular stereotypes of Muslims are undermining a faith and an entire civilization, explaining and clarifying their religion is a moral obligation on Muslims. CRESCENT hopes to fulfill this obligation through thoughtful answers to the most common concerns about Islam, InshaAllah. In doing so, it is hoped that the truth about Islam would have been conveyed in conformance to the highest standards of dignified discourse.